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Sarah Sensational Lemon Pound

Bursting with perfectly infused flavors, our signature Sarah Sensational Pound Cake is our best-seller and the ultimate pound cake for lemon cake lovers.

Made with fresh lemon zest and lemon juice this top seller is drizzled with a sweet lemon glaze, delivering a tantalizing pop of intense lemon flavor with every bite.

For a taste that takes you back to grandmas kitchen, order your cake today.

Estelle’s Enticing Almond Butter

My Big Mama’s cake recipes are the true treasures of my family. Tried and true and passed down through generations, this enticing Almond Butter is a classic.
Made with a perfect blend of butter and sugar, and the delicate taste of almonds, this pound cake is infused with premium almond liqueur, making it an unforgettable enticing experience.

Made with patience, & delivered with love, Estelle’s Enticing Almond Butter Pound is a cake aficionado’s dream.


Juanita’s Joyful Vanilla Butter Sour Cream Pound

Called the perfect pound cake for those with southern roots, this recipe reminds you of everything you love about cake. It’s velvety, buttery, rich and perfectly creamy - filled generously with the moistness and flavor of vanilla and sour cream.
- For a luxurious tasting experience and a generational recipe that reminds you of the richness of family and the joy it brings, order Juanita’s Joyful Vanilla cake today.

peach cobbler

What happens when you layer a perfectly crafted peach cobbler on top of a succulent baked sour cream cake?
Peach Cobbler Perfection!

Made with luscious Georgia peaches, enveloped in a crispy cinnamon-spiced sugar crust, our PPC is layered atop our warm sour cream cake & crowned with a premium sweet Hennessy glaze.

This Perfect Peach Cobbler is sinfully good.

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